Credit Life Insurance
Are you planning for the unexpected?

Who makes your payment?

You have plans for your new loan or line of credit, but have you planned for how to pay it off if the unexpected happens?

Money from a life insurance policy can be used, but is that how you really want to use it? Most people intend for a life insurance policy to provide for major expenses such as funding college educations, paying off the house mortgage, or securing a spouse's retirement.

Because Credit Life Insurance pays the outstanding balance on your loan, up to the maximum program limit, you preserve your other assets and resources for your family's well-being and long-term needs.

Applying Is Easy.

  • You complete a short application.
  • No physical exam is required. Simply meet the eligibility requirements.
  • The premium is included in your monthly payment.

It's flexible and affordable.

You pay only for what you need. If the outstanding balance is zero, you pay nothing for that month. When there is an outstanding balance, your Credit Life Insurance premium is calculated based on that amount. As your balance is paid down, the premium diminishes too.

Protecting Your Rights.

  • Your credit approval an interest rate are not contingent on enrolling in this optional program.
  • Our program includes a 30-day "free look" period.
  • You may cancel the coverage at any time by making a written request.
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